Cyberintelligence feeding your cybersecurity controls

Threat Intelligence & Collaboration

One of the most valuable actions we could achieve is to collaborate on threat intelligence IoC and malware information across a trustable network of organizations.

Integration of Cybersecurity feeds

Our controls are not enough to prevent attacks. We need to improve our level of protection and feeding our cybersecurity controls with cyberintelligence feeds is a must today.

Canary Tokens, Decoys and sensors

Both internal and external network may be compromised. We need to deploy sensors across our networks with decoys, canary tokens and sensors in order to detect any intent of data leakage or attack.

Deception Advanced Techniques

Deception and high interaction honeypots requires a good strategy in order to perform and help us improve our cybersecurity maturity level. We need advanced techniques in place in order to succeed.

Detection, Mitigation and Denial

Everybody wants to detect attacks but it is also important to provide immediate responses, mitigation and denial activities in order to create a non porous cybersecurity approach.

File & Network Monitoring and Alerting

A soon as you detect an anomaly on the network through decoys, low or high interaction honeypots, canary tokens, non-authorized access or any other deployed sensor, you must be alerted.

High Interaction Honeypots

Low interaction honeypot are old, not enough, just for analysis tool. High interaction honeypots provides real and impossible to detect by attackers environments to monitor attacker´s activity.

Vulnerability Management

After several worldwide attacks like wannacry, Vulnerability Management has been defined as a must in cybersecurity. We need to monitor our IT and OT environment looking for vulnerabilities.

Attacking & Exploitation Management

Try to attack our own network vulnerabilities gave us a real risk scenario of our current situation. Defining a full process aligned with vulnerability and patch management would help to improve. 

Want to improve your organization´s visibility to Cyber Threats? Want to learn from Attackers? Want to be warned about data leakage intents?

Who is attacking you? Where are atttacks coming from? Do you have internal attacks? 

What are their tools? How they figure out vulnerabilities? Which paths do they follow? How able are them to find their way through?

How do I set up a Deception Strategy? Where should I put misdirection? How real should my decoys be? How can I deploy deception in a safe way?

Current Cybersecurity Exposure Context needs for Better Preparedness

Current Level of Protection
Tradicional Cybersecurity Controls Real Protection 50%
With Low Interaction Honeypots
Low interaction Honeypots 55%
Level of protection adding Advanced Deception Techniques
Deception Techniques and Information 75%
Implementation of high interaction honeypots, deception,, threat intelligence and collaboration
Today´s minimum Level of Protection 90%

Protect your information assets, monitor, detect and alert any unauthorized access and attacks

Collaboration, Information Sharing and Feeds

Integrate with common Theath Intelligence sharing platforms. Obtain knowledge from their streams. Feed your central collaboration tool.

Know your attacker´s skills, intentions and techniques

Gain insight about your enemies by collecting their tools and techniques. Put that insight in the fingertips of your Security Analysts.

Analyze Risks and Continuous Improvement

Push new controls based on what you learn. Test them to see if they worked as expected. Find vulnerabilities before your enemies do.

attacks are getting more complex and with more damage to organizations

Compromised Big Companies in 2018
millons of computers infected
Data Leaks in 2018
Millions of New Malware Samples Detected in 2018
Major new high risk exploitable vulnerabilities in 2018