All you need to get up and running

Design your deployment strategy

Each and every organization is different. We can help you design your deception deployment strategy from the simplest decision up to the complexities of a complete deception web of services. We help you identify and tailor suitable, and attractive, decoyds and breadcrumbs so as to maximize the efficency of your D&D deployment.

Learn deception techniques

We have a complete Cybersecurity curricula to train your staff. Our courses are taught by lead cybersecurity trainers with many years of experience. You can choose to start from the very basics of honeypots and honeynets technologies up to a complete Denial & Deception Strategy certification path. All of our trainings have high amounts of hands-on lab experience.

Turnkey deployment services

Forget about all the deployment details. We know you are busy running your own infrastructure so we take all the deployment steps in our hands. Once the platform is running and smoothly integrated to your infrastructure we transfer skills to your staff and hands-off to them a running platform.

Build new deception scenarios

Don't know how to build a new deception scenario? No problem, we can do that for you. Even more, you can have a service agreement where we develop a new one for you every month!

Official training & certification

We can have your staff officialy trained and certified on our platform. We have options to suit all your needs, whether delivered in our classrooms, on your site or via online webinars. Do you have just two days available? Would you like your staff to know every detail of the platform? We can tailor an official syllabus for your needs.

World Class support

No matter what problems you face with your platform, we are here to help you. You may have access not only to troubleshooting services but also to our client-focused specialist who will be glad to help you get the most out of your deception platform.